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Our Cocktail

The Mojito


Experience a mojito classic with a #SWISS twist!


"The Mojito by Swiss Cocktails is an Award-Winning 40 proof spirit that is balanced, smooth, and refreshing with bright notes of lime, mint, and hint of coconut."

3 Reasons You Should Choose The Mojito:


No matter how often you pour The Mojito, it's the same every time.


Chill, Pour, and Serve.


Garnishment and Muddling are optional! Be bold and serve The Mojito naked, we dare you...

Every cocktail has a story, The Mojito by Swiss Cocktails is no different. The Mojito is one of 25 homemade recipes crafted back in 2015 that initiated the #SWISS buzz in the tri-state area steadfastly the founders decided to turn a classic cocktail recipe with a homemade twist into a real-world product to be consumed by the public years later. The Mojito by Swiss Cocktails debuted during a pandemic in the fall 2020 at D' Cache Bar Liquors in Trenton NJ. D' Cache Bar Liquors' support and case purchases started the process of market penetration for the #SWISS brand. Within months sales increased exponentially allowing us to gather key feedback from various clients and customers across the state. This invaluable data would cause Swiss Team to consider reduced sugar from the standard 24g (a classic mojito calls for) to 17g in spring of 2021.

In the first two quarters of the year, bottles of the The Mojito would continue to be sold at great pace with more liquor stores getting on board with #SWISS, but it wouldn’t be until the latter part of the year Swiss Team would begin to change the focus of how The Mojito should be served to consumers in the market. By fall 2021, The Mojito was distributed within the market with emboldened mint profile, while lime and sugar remained consistent. With consumer support established within the state of NJ, the founders decided to start working with restaurants and bars to get The Mojito behind the bar (BTB). Hooters in Lawrenceville NJ would be the first franchise win for #SWISS, since not only was The Mojito served behind the bar, but one of its ever-evolving recipes "The Mojito Rita" was also placed on the menu!

Another massive win would be opening an extremely difficult liquor-controlled market of Pennsylvania in winter of 2021 and scoring big by getting the client support of Blue Mountain Resort in spring of 2022. Blue Mountain implemented our vision BTB by serving The Mojito and our elderflower botanical recipe "The Mojito Pink Kiss." For the entire year of 2022 The Mojito continued to grow its presence in the state of NJ and PA while garnering three prestigious awards from the following competitions: San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Bartending Spirits Awards, and USA Spirits Ratings. Winter 2023 the founders decided to evolve The Mojito further by focusing on packaging to extend the shelf life while reducing the sugar from 17g to 15g and emboldening the mint extract in the bottle. Expect latest updates for our classic cocktail The Mojito to hit store shelves and be served behind the bar by February 2023 with a reduction in bottle price by spring 2023! It’s time to get excited about a brand that cares about your cocktail consumption experience, it’s time to support a spirit company in continual pursuit for perfection, it is invariably #timeforswiss

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